Presentation: Animals of the North in Addison, January 11

Date: January 11, 2018

Time: 9:00 am

Naturalist Sue Morse will give a presentation entitled ‘Animals of the North: What Will Climate Change Mean for Them?’ at the Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area Conference Room in Addison on Thursday, January 11. The program is sponsored by the Hannaford Career Center and is free and open to the first twenty people who contact Amy Alfieri at sends e-mail) or 802-759-2398.

“This program is designed to educate audiences about ways in which northern wildlife species are already being affected by climate change, with more serious challenges ahead,” says Morse on her website. “Canada lynx, moose, American marten, caribou, polar bear, arctic fox and arctic marine mammals and waterfowl are some of the species covered in this stunningly beautiful show. Our intent is to inspire our attendees to join us in the vital crusade to change our fossil fuel-burning ways, conserve natural resources and share a healthy planet with all that lives.”

The program is designed for adults. 


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